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Welcome to Wonderland

I’ve made a mistake or two, which nearly cost me everything.
I begged her to give me one more chance. I’ll do anything for her.

He cheated twice, nearly destroying me,
But I don’t walk away. I don’t give up on our marriage.
Taking a chance on something completely out of my element, I make a date night for us at Club Wonderland.
I’ll make him pay for the pain he caused me and make him see who I really am.


I had the perfect life. Incredible kids. Amazing husband. A good job. I was content.
Until I met Jameson.
He’s younger than me, but his intellect and our connection make our age difference feel non-existent.
He spun my world around and made me feel what I didn't know I was missing.
But my life is complicated. I can’t give him what either of us want because I don’t want to lose my children.
Though, lies, betrayal, and deceit catch up to me, threatening to ruin my whole world.
Is the love I’ve found with Jameson strong enough to survive the implosion? Or will I lose him, too?




Emma Taylor has a wonderful life. Married her high school sweetheart. She's an artist and co-owner of a prestigious gallery, she's riding high on her success.

Until the fateful night, she meets him...

Sure he's a doctor and stunningly gorgeous. The age gap only seems to make him more taboo.
But Emma's a smart woman who knows to leave well enough alone. Especially since they're both happily married. So, she relegates him to her fantasies and that's where he'll stay.

Until the accident and he becomes her doctor...

Emma knows kissing him could ruin them both and as hard as she fights it, she isn't immune to her doctor's charm and becomes tangled in his seductive web.

Emma Taylor’s encounter with Dr. Jackson Bryant has changed her life completely.
She’s ended her thirty-two-year marriage and dove headfirst into the chance at true love with this much younger man.
Jack fills her every desire and promises to protect her, and her heart. He vows to never hurt her or neglect her.

Divorce is never pretty, but Emma and Jack battle through their estranged spouses’ demands for counseling and reconciliation. They fight for the love they’ve found with each other. Nothing will keep them apart.
Until a secret is revealed that creates distrust.

Is Emma’s choice to be with Jack, one that will lead to the happily ever after she so desires? Or will the secret lead to the ultimate heartbreak and betrayal she fears with her entire heart and soul?

The Choice is book 2 of the Love, Emma series. It’s filled with love, desire, secrets, lies of omission, and the will of two lovers to be together.

After years of fighting for their taboo love to survive, Emma and Jack are on the verge of having it all.
Their perfect life.

But it’s never been an easy journey for them, and the path they are on only gets more treacherous with each step they take.
Circumstances lead to the return of people Emma thought were gone from their life.

An accident causes a devastating loss and shattered souls.

Through all the heartbreak, can Jack still be Emma’s everything?
Will they reach and capture their platinum ring together, or will their love be ripped apart forever?

The Decision is book 3 and the conclusion of the Love, Emma series. It’s filled with love, happiness, uncertainty, pain, loss, and hope for a new beginning.

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Emma Taylor, a successful artist and owner of a prestigious gallery, was living her best life with her high school sweetheart.

Until the accident changed everything.

Thrust into a world of desire and lust for Doctor Jackson Bryant, a man much younger and completely forbidden, Emma finds herself at a crossroads. She must choose between her head… and her heart.

Throughout this completed trilogy, Emma and Jackson must navigate their way through seduction, secrets, lies, and betrayal on their path to find their happiness.

This series begins with cheating and ends with hope for a new beginning.

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