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EB Taylor's third poetry book

October, 16, 2022


It's not our time.

It may be weeks,


Even years

Before our moment happens.

I'll wait as long as I must

For our moment to be perfect.

And when it finally happens

I want to wake up in your arms.

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I want you naked

In my bed,

Against the wall,

In the shower,

On any surface,

Anywhere, anytime.

I want you naked

With me.

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And just like that,

You're gone.

Completely gone

From my life.

And just like that,

I must find a way

To let you go,

Move on,

Forget you.

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Timing is everything.

Our timing wasn't in sync.

Maybe next time.

But I'll always want you.

That won't change.

And maybe one day

Our timing will sync.

For now, I can't have you,

But I'll always want you.

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2 - Sensually Beautiful - Kindle JPEG.jpg

Lyla D Creations presents...




MAY 1, 2022

How much do you want him?
Is your desire love or lust?
Can you breathe in his presence?
Does his touch ignite your soul?
Can you survive without him?
Is he the piece that makes you whole?

Sensually Beautiful is a collection of verses that explore the emotional depths of Lust.
Of love.
Of desire.
Of attraction.
A place where simple attraction is so, so much more.

EB Taylor: Latest Work

Lyla D Creations presents...

EB Taylor, poetry writer. Her debut poetry book now available on Amazon.   

  • Shattered Before They Blossomed is a poetry book about a time of loss and heartbreak. Misunderstandings, assumptions and frustrations all coming down at once. A dark period of time produced these poems. A few contain strong language. No one is perfect, we all deserve to be treated with kindness and in the end a lesson of boundaries was learned.

EB Taylor: Latest Work
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